Project Description

Branding is more than logos — but sometimes, it’s ALL about the logo.

It started innocently enough. One of our favorite clients was having their annual offsite sales meeting — an event for which we provide PowerPoint, branded event graphics, and printed materials. They were excited about their theme, “Some Assembly Required,” and suggested a Lego-themed suite of artwork to complement the direction. We headed out to our local Lego store, in Rockefeller Plaza, and bought some buckets of legos in corporate colors to form the foundation of our PowerPoint artwork. Somewhere between scanning Legos on our flatbed scanner and building charts and graphs from actual Legos, the “big idea” struck — why not build their logo out of Legos for the conference?

Using Lego builder software, we calculated out how many bricks would be required, what the shipping time would be, and how much the materials would cost. We got the green-light. What followed was part 10-year-old wish fulfillment, part giddy excitement, and part madness. We built-up, tore-down, scaled up, recalculated supplies, experimented, built internal structuring to strengthen the overall piece, revisited our Lego store (where we formed new friends), ruminated over how to ship the piece (and get it to arrive in one piece), and generally “worked the problems into submission.” Happily, the final sculpture came out great — and our client was thrilled. All in all it took us the good part of four solid work-days from concept to boxing, and although there was a steep learning curve, the final result was worth all the late nights and Starbucks runs. We hope you’ll agree.